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We finally let the world down. We used to lock the fire, we had so much going on. Do you remember how we were? How we used to be? Do you remember the night I chased you around in a ghost mask? Do you remember? The kiss under the moonlight? The yearning, the passion under the warm shower? The night we made out at the park…?

I want to shut your ringing laughter out of my head, but I can’t! Your smiling eyes, your sweet innocent yet devilish smile. Your glorious super model body. Thinking about your lips on mine, I still feel the rush. Your scent so rich, filling my core, refueling my emptiness. Your velvet touch on my skin feeling surreal, yet so real, I was certain you were made for me. You were too. Who would have known the future wasn’t for us? We walked Roses’ Lane! Our path was full of roses. But it seemed we walked more on the thorns than the rosy petals.

I’m hanging over your every word, I hear your voice in my echo. My heart’s not mine anymore… I forgot to take it in my haste. No, I didn’t! It said, “I’d rather die than leave.” It’s not mine any longer. It beats for you. It wouldn’t obey me, wouldn’t listen to a thing I say. Tell me, how do I get over you? Yes, I was drunk in love, but this hangover is taking forever. It’s piercing the walls of my heart—I can hear the cracks. It’s breaking my nervous system; I’d be scared if my entirety doesn’t crash. My heart smiles and cries when I hear your name. I don’t know how much longer I can keep my head above this water.
I want you but I mustn’t want you, you’re bad for me. I miss you… I miss you so much.

Yeah, I left, but I still love you, so deeply! I want you, so bad… But you mustn’t know this much. I’m drowning in this sea of want, I can’t breathe! My eyes won’t stop raining burning tears too. I miss you! I want you so bad! But, we’ve let us down. We’ve let love down. We’ve let the world down! Yes, this is a total wreck!

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