Just like yesterday,
I never left the feelings of yesterday,
Everyday still feels like yesterday,
As I live everyday like yesterday.

It’s uneasy to wave off yesterday,
Cos the feelings are as strong as yesterday,
How shall I forget the memories of yesterday?
When I’m trapped on the Island of yesterday.

How many sorries can heal yesterday?
For how long shall I drool over yesterday?
Today’s perfection can’t change the flaws of yesterday,
So how do I take away my yesterday?

Today is a day to make a better yesterday,
For today is tomorrow’s yesterday,
Make today a better day for yesterday,
So that when you remember today,
you can smile at yesterday.

Tomorrow is another day
to remember yesterday,
Memories are the reasons why
we don’t forget to remember yesterday.

No other day can replace yesterday,
Live a flawless today for a perfect yesterday,
It’s impossible to rewrite yesterday,
But it is possible to move on and let go of yesterday…

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