Tania’s Episode

Tania's Episode

She was flushing away time in her room at the apartment that sheltered her after returning from the holiday she went for in Abuja. She started living all alone when her both parents died in an air crash while returning from a business trip. And as the only child, she inherited the great fortune her parents left behind. She inserted a flash drive into her computer, updating it with the new Korean films she just downloaded on her mobile device.

When she was done, she hissed as she turned to admire her fried rice-colored curtain she bought during her holiday and leaned her back on the chair, thinking of what to prepare for supper. Just then, her mobile rang.

“There’s a man, a Jide on the line.”

“Tania?” the voice was unmistakably that of her ex-boyfriend.

“Y-yes? … Good evening.”

“Yeah, good evening,” said Jide lightheartedly. She could visualize a smile on his face. Jide Jamel was a broad-shouldered, huge crocodile skinned and bearded man, whose love for sex led to the crashing of his relationship with Tania who was a no-nonsense born.

“I heard you’re back,” Jide continued, “can you see me this evening?”

“Jide,” she started, “it’s barely been twenty-four hours since I arrived, and I remember clearly telling you to stop calling me. This should be the last time you do so.”

“Hello? … hello?” The phone screeched as she slammed it over a nearby sofa.

“Idiot,” she hissed. “Like he really cared,” she said as she as she dived in a sofa opposite her. Inside her apartment was painted in a baby pink color and touches of violet, which made it to look like a party house.

Meanwhile, in Jide’s apartment, he sat with his hood brothers facing him directly, making him look like an enthroned king in his large parlor. “Guy she still dey form hard to get oo,” Jide said.

“You sure say we no go carry out plan B?” Sule, a heavily built bouncer having no neck, just his head fixed directly to his chest, asked.

Wait make I try small, but if she continues like this, we no get choice,” Jide replied.

Okay, no wahala na,” Dada, who was low-sized and broad-shouldered because he was hunchbacked, said almost immediately.


The Saturday was a brilliant one, for the sun was smiling with its teeth out. Tania who was attending to the well-being of her laptop as she laid in bikinis, rose quickly, wrapping herself in a lace wrapper she picked from a big flowery laundry basket that was between a big wardrobe and a dressing table in her room, as she heard a knock on her door.

“Who is that?” she asked anxiously, as she came out hurriedly from her room. But behind her door, was a graveyard.

Knock–knock–knock,” the sound replied her question.

“Just a minute,” she said as she tried to open the door. “W-w-hat… what are you doing here, Jide?” she asked not believing her eyes.

“Will you at least offer me a seat?” he asked sliding himself into the room and closing the door behind him.

“Not until you tell me how you got here. Wait, how did you get to know my address and this apartment?” she asked.

“Don’t forget Jide Jamel gets whatsoever he wants,” he boasted. “If you didn’t make it to my house last night, I made it to your apartment this morning. Simple,” he replied.

“Jide,” she called out, trying to avoid getting pissed off, “why don’t you stop stalking me? Fine, I dated you but it all in the past. I want to live my life like every normal human, and for me to do so, I need to cut ties with you. Please do understand,” Tania said trying not to look him in the eye. He sat comfortably on a sofa looking into her eye and placing his arms on that of the sofa, making them to run in parallel lines.

“Why don’t you give me one more chance? I want to make things work out for the both of us just like in the past,” he paused, took a deep breath and then continued, “I want to tell the world how mu—”

“Shut the fuck up!” Tania cut him short. “Blah, blah, blah, are your lips and tongue not tired of all your blabbering? Enough of your sweet-sour words and leave this apartment or else I will scream out for the neighborhood’s intervention,” she threatened him as she opened her mouth as wide as the opening of a huge tank.

He stood up, gave her a stern look and left the room leaving the door ajar.

“Do these type of stupid people still exist?” she asked herself as she made for the door.


On his way, Jide removed his phone to call Sule from the fine jean trouser he was putting on under a red-flowered patterned T-shirt. “Hello Sule?”

“Yes, J. J?”

“Tell Dada to get ready for the unleashment of Plan B at about 6pm this evening.”

“J. J, this one na Operation Zuma oo,” Sule chuckled as he said so. Jide didn’t reply to this as he just managed to dodge the car that almost sent him to his grave as he was trying to cross over the road to get in his black Range Rover.

At about fifteen minutes past 6pm, Sule and Dada were already standing before the apartment in which Tania sheltered herself, waiting for Jide.

“You sure say J. J still dey come?” Dada asked impatiently.

“J. J no dey carry last na, you too know for sure. See am sef, im done show face,” Sule replied.

Sorry guys, na go-slow waste my time, make una no vex,” Jide apologised.

“Dat one no be problem. So wetin be the plan?” Sule asked.


Meanwhile, Tania was lamenting about all that had happened earlier to her closest friend Becky. Becky was an ebony lady of her mid-twenties, and also a fresh blood policewoman who is hungry to lay hands on law breakers.

“So what did you tell him?” Becky inquired.

“I told him to just leave, I don’t want him in my life,” Tania replied wryly.

“Don’t worry, I will come over later so we can talk better. By the way, what would you be cooking this evening?” Becky asked smirking at her friend.

“What do you want to—”

“Lie down!” a thunderous voice forced her to involuntarily obey.

“What’s that?… Hello? Hello? Tany?” Becky called out as she heard the voice too.

“W-what do you want? Please don’t harm me,” she pleaded with the armed masked men.

“We come in peace, so don’t let us leave you in pieces,” jide adviced as he unmasked himself.

Argh! Argh! Jide please don’t harm me for the sake of our past relationship, please don’t harm me,” Tania pleaded in tears.

“Be silent,” Jide said softly. “Blah, blah, blah, who is blabbering now?” Jide asked her, making her recall what she said to him earlier. “And let me remind you, we were never in a relationship so don’t try to… Guys what are you waiting for?” he asked his friends. “Strip her so we can devour her,” he ordered as he stood stationarily waiting for his meat to be ready.

“Jide? Gang rape? Please don’t do this, I beg you please,” Tania cried helplessly.

“Too late my dear, it has always been a stitch in time saves nine. But your stitch is late babe,” Jide replied. His friends and him took turns on her till they were exhausted. They got up so they could go, for Tania was already unconscious. Just then:

FREEZE!” a feminine but clear and confident voice rang. She was accompanied by four other policemen with their faces stony. “You have the right to remain silent, for anything you say or do would be used against you in the court of law,” the voice re-echoed.

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