New Beginnings

New beginnings
Just like jingles
Are harbingers of change
Same way others believe in a sage—
Ministers of light
Who sell us truths in little things to betray us into deeds of greatness
They bring us hope-beginnings

Life is risky business
The business of life is risky
So, is it safe to sit tight like a bug?
When its risky not to move a log?

Hazard this still sea—
With its mad greedy weather.
Look under every rock.
Shake every tree;
For the autumn levels with delicate rustle
Less its calm disrupt your hustle.

Snatch happiness from life
Like a rat, by a cat
Sell your regrets of yesterday
And buy the joy for today
Serving sorrow—a service your heart should no longer perform

Smile at your mistakes;
With elbows dug into ribs.
Today has stolen your yesterday
Yesterday stole your past
And that past is thrash
So cheer up or hush

When all is but calm
Release the dove from the ark
Plant new gardens
This time with Steve and Phil
Let in all!
But Eve and the fruit
Less you lure the deceiver therein again

Divide the waters
Add as you crossover
Burn the bridges behind
Less you catch a whiff of the past
Because it surely will simmer
Sending scents of sweet savour
Savouring scents to smitten

Slide in on the right side of eternity
Where all things are made new
Don’t leave your world old
When Sheol has treasures untold

Life is a breath when compared to death
Have a good time breathing!

Pick up your dry bones
Put together the dry bones
You have a skeleton
Isn’t that all you need for that survival-ton?

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