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Stillness in Silence

“Alright, safe journey brother.”

It was my friend Chike on the phone; he was calling to inform me that he’d be out of town for one week for a project he needed to supervise somewhere.

Chike and I had graduated together; we’ve been roommates and best friends since our early days in the university. He studied Civil Engineering, while I studied Architecture. I smiled and dropped the phone on the bed.

It has been a norm that whenever he was out of town, I would visit his house to keep his newly wedded wife out of boredom.

This evening I was less busy, so I decided to visit his house as usual, oblivious of what was in the offing. I called and it happened that his wife was home as usual and alone, then I took a cold shower, got dressed, wore some perfume and left for Chike’s house.

When I entered the house, the atmosphere was different, Chike’s wife (Sylvia) wasn’t the usual lively person I used to know as she wasn’t inclined to interact. She didn’t talk except for a few sentences; it seemed to me that she had been drinking. I managed to comport myself in the parlour, sat on the sofa and entertained myself with the football match I was watching on screen, it was an El Classico.

Halfway into the first half of the football match, I dozed off. I was awoken by a hand touching and caressing my body on the sofa; it wasn’t clear who it was until I sprang up, and to my utter bewilderment, what I saw sent shivers down my spine,. I suddenly felt ill, I became dumbfounded, was still and silenced. I struggled to mutter under my breath.

“What’s wrong with you, Sylvia? what do you think you’re doing?”

It was Chike’s wife in a lingerie with nipples visible, she was practically transparent.

She moved towards me and whispered seductively, “C’mon boy, sleep with me for the night, I need you, it’s burning inside.”

Immediately, flashes of Chike my friend came to my mind. How loyal we have been to each other over the years and how having an affair with his wife would tarnish our friendship and yield irrevocable consequences.

I blamed it on the effect of alcohol she’d been drinking. Then I quickly advanced towards the door and left the house.

I had made my dinner early so I was on bed in the early hours of the night, around 8 o’clock. I was awoken by the buzzing noise from my Samsung mobile phone, it was Chike that was on the line. He called to inform me that his trip had been cut short and that he had just returned home. We talked for a while then I hung up the phone.

I got lost in thoughts as I pondered over what just happened. What if I had obliged to the demand of his wife and slept with her for the fact that her husband wasn’t coming back soon?

Then I went back to sleep.

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