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Sad Love

I walked past the brushes expecting to be pricked by thorns
I wanted it so I would have a reason to shed the tears which had built up over the years and seasons
I wanted a solid reason to cry ‘cos I didn’t want it to be because of you
I didn’t want to be a victim of the sad love we shared

My hand touched a marigold instead as I moved
I thought about the meaning of the flower which I had touched
A tiny voice whispered into my ears, “It means the happiness which will come”
I shook my head ‘cos you took my happiness and gave me sadness in return

While I was still walking, hoping I would still get pricked by a thorn, another voice whispered, this time it was so clear
It said, “It means sad love”
I nodded ‘cos I’ve found my answer, sad love it is that has existed between us, leaving us bound
Breaking me over and over again

This time, I let the tears flow freely because my fears have been confirmed by that tiny voice that did more than the thorn
All because of you
Maybe I was born for this
Born to be torn not even by these thorns

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