The crust was into motion
While having no notion
What might become
Of its eruption
The magma got shot out
While the crust didn’t lose out
Magma becoming the mama
Mother-earth begot her.

Birthed by the earth
Yet dirted with the earth.

She cooled to become a pumice
In a world full of malice
She wondered why a pumice
And why not andesite
That could give a better sight.

She lay dead and still
As the magma had died
Craving a new beginning
But unable to make it begin
Till nature listened to her wish.

The rain, the sun
The wind and snow
All worked with the organisms
Culminating into mechanisms
That led to her metamorphosis
Into the beauty she’s become.

Birthed a pumice
Now a gleamy marble
Leaving others to marvel
At what becomes of her.

Looking pale?
No, that’s not her
She’s become a marble
Looking like a pearl.

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