Inevitable Competition

Inevitable Competition

Millions of sperms
racing to hit gold,
one survived
and started a generation.

From the first minute of birth,
it was war.
The first breathe, heartbeat, cry and move
stamped survival.

We thought Darwin was wrong
but survival is an instinct.
We are either weak or strong
with traits to kill so distinct.

We don’t choose to compete
we either do it or die.
And we can’t be complete
without a struggle to untie.

The lessons of life learnt
from daily scenes of trial
Is a golden epitaph entrenched
in our soul beyond burial.

And we make entrapment paths
filled with snarls as pillars and laths.
And we do the selfish maths
of factorization with surly oaths.

If we survive we are called fit,
advanced and evolved.
If we die we are called unfit,
ancient and dissolved.
And extinction spread fast
as we wrestle with the last.

We don’t win,
we only get better for tomorrow.
We don’t lose,
we only get better in sorrow.

And the scintillating timeline of our existence,
kept unraveling the mysteries of our presence.
We became words and sentences
with full stops, commas, question marks and parentheses.

Everything we live for
is either given or taken.
Even the mighty men of valor,
are powerless, beaten and shaken.
And our boast is a grey color
that fades when sparsely darkened.

Oh! What a competition
with casualties as trophies.
It breeds species of wilful destitution
and builds walls of self constitution.
We are all victims
of the competition,
claiming to be victors or pilgrims
in the competition.

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