You do it unaware,
Like the sleepy driver,
who falls asleep forgetting he is a driver.
Thereby taking poor souls with him to their early graves.
You criticize others and behave
As if you are perfect when you are not.
You criticize those who do it yet you wished in your heart to do it.
I have one name for you,

You claim you are a pastor.
But you exploit the people
Of their wealth claiming to be perfect
But yet you do the worst in the confines of darkness.
You were supposed to lead them to Christ
Yet you are leading them away from Christ.

You claim to be a gentleman,
when you are with your friends
But goes home and turned to a monster.
Beating your wife to stupor.

You are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
You claim to be there for them
Yet you are their worst nightmare.

Karma is a bitch
The beginning does not predict
the outcome of a man.
One day, karma will catch up with you.
Nothing is hidden under the sun.
And call no man “fortunate”
Until you see his end.

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