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Boys Don’t Cry

We are stones, we ain’t got no flesh or bones
We have hats, we ain’t got no heart
We don’t feel, we ain’t got no feeling
Boys don’t cry, we smile
They look at us like we don’t have tear glands
Because we’ve punctured it and let them pout all out?
Our eyes like Red Sea without water
Like we are high like his Highness
Trying to live the life they dictate for us
Boys don’t cry, we brave it all
A boy who cries is considered weak,
Not worthy to be called a ‘man’.
Yet they want us to care, to love
Maybe these don’t come from a heart with feelings
They need a shoulder to lean on to cry
And we? Mayhaps we should lean on stones
Boys don’t cry,
So I’ve gone to sell my tears to the sun
I may leave my heart with it too
Then I come back scorched, burnt black
Like charred coals
Because boys don’t cry, we are stones.

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