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The bell rang
The soldiers raged
The horn blared
The gas went off
We fell to our stomachs
The raid is led
We were left to lead
Knock-kneed like old beggars
Under sacks we cursed
Yet, the suicide pact was sealed
There was no escape
To die now or to live forever

Courage was mine, yet I clung to fear
Wisdom was mine, yet I embraced mystery
A groan beside me awoke me from my aimless dreams
I searched only to find reality smiling at me
A death wish smile, I knew we stood a chance in hell
Slithering on our bellies down some profound dull tunnel
With brownish blood marking our trails
We gave our best to sing the praise
Yet no blood reached us from the upper ground
But towards our distant rest we began to trudge
Mocking death in the face of fear

Drunk with fatigue, deaf to the hosts
Blood-shed. All went lame, all blind
Yet they limped on
With no shame to retreat to live
Yet with a thousand pains they moved with swiftness
The swiftness of the tigress rank through them
But the steady running hour mocks their strength
For their ghosts have left their souls
Though my hands were cold in blood
My glee held no spoil
For my weeping is finally stilled and disconnected
The pity of war had made me a winner and a loner

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