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Solid Black Gold (African Queen)

As she walked past me swaying those sway-ables
She reminded me of true African daughters
In her five-piece clothing, it becomes pertinent to gaze
To gaze at the beauty of a true African queen

Looking at her almond-shaped face, I have this feeling that
Brown skin is not the true African colour
It is black, it is her
Black, black is beautiful

Perfectly shaped down to her toes
She makes a black boy blush blue
Sometimes I feel that she only has to be displayed in a museum
If it were to be in the days years ago
Kings and kingdoms would go to war for her sake

She is every man’s dream
But most men cannot even dare dream of her

Lemme gaze upon thy features, for you leave my mouth speechless
And my hands bleeding blue in every white available
Gold, Gold, sweep me of my feet
My African Queen

P.S: Dedicated to real African girls.

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