Luxury in Hell

Swimming in hell’s pool,
with a reservation booked in Gehenna’s lounge.
And a wholesome massage in the yacht of Belial,
there is a lot of pleasurable treat in the devil’s inn.

Come with a heart to sin,
with throat to gulp down red gin.
And consciences will be thrown in the bin,
with woes seen as the new win.

In here there are no laws,
to point out every outright flaws.
And the merciless vulture’s claws
shall scavenge every soul left in the draws.

At the banquet of Nimrod,
there shall be a lot of flesh and blood,
to eat and drink until dawn.
Get ready for a dark festival
and the Persian’s prince arrival.

The catacombs of Moloch are the estate of hell’s nobles.
And the tombs of Ashteroth are monumental pebbles.
The gate of hell is decorated with golden labels.
And the pillars of Sheol are founded on rebels.

If wanton luxury is your goal,
then you are in the right place.
If licentiousness is your goal,
then you will win the chase.
The devil has it all
but it comes with a fall.

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