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An Open Letter to a Closed Heart

Bayo, my heart is now a crypt;
Smelly. Dark. Absurd. Eerie. Queer.
Things had fallen apart and
I’m no longer at ease.

You came overnight,
Like a thief in the night
To steal my knight,
Leaving me devoid of the nite.

How I suddenly became
A bastard daughter
Of a thousand fathers is
The metaphor I cannot onomatopoeia.

You offered me lots of Nnamdi Azikiwe
When I only requested for an Awolowo.
Now, I placed a call through, but
Your empty hen cannot crow and the air tells.

You made me a no-class citizen and
I ceased to be an apple in the eyes of men.
You reserve no right in the book of my life
To treat me the way you did,
Yet you copied my rights as a copyright.

Bayo, you placed a period on
My period and you suddenly vanished
Into thin air after promising the world.

I refused to say “Hi” to men,
Because you promised to stay,
Now you’ve broken the hymen
And have broken your promise.
We now cease to be
As close as a virgin lap
To being as open as
A woman in travail at childbearing.

Wicked you!
Weak head you!

To the young ones in love:
Never do before you say “I do.”

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