You Don’t Know?

She is a curse,
a plague that gets worse.
A ravenous nurse,
with a butchering knife in her purse.

Of serpentine smiles
and glamorous wiles;
she’ll bring down ten thousands,
with her lips and her alluring hands.

‘Destroy and have fun’
‘And kill without a gun’,
Is her motto and slogan.
Oh! her last victim is Morgan.

Never with a harsh tone
yet she got a heart of stone.
She eats her victims to the bone
until there’s absolutely none.

You are not the first
to see her juice and thirst.
It is a sweet poison,
with dead souls as a lesson.

And you intend to leave your wife
and embrace a bitter life.
In case you think she is worth more than five,
be ready to be stung in her honey hive.

She is no mistress,
just a seductress
that will leave you in distress.
Wakeup, man! And clean your mess.

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