To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

This is another time, when we celebrate with those whose names the notice boards recently displayed.

Yes, I mean those whose joy of gaining admission just can’t be retained.

Simply because, looking at the so-called scholars, the reason they were selected they really can’t explain.

But, many are happy, not because they see it as an avenue to be taught so as to give back to the society, but looking at the wares on display, they see it as a good business and social opportunity.

What exactly is my point?

God has placed so much in you, therefore, in all that you do, be careful not to bring back shame.

For having been given enough, the society just can’t bear it when you start listing reasons why you failed.

Therefore, while you’re craving for the different fashion styles to learn, please still remember you have a brilliant degree to earn.

Don’t be deceived at all, while you’re running after friends please, don’t forget to take along sense.

In a nutshell, be responsible, even if not for yourself but for the sake of those who stayed and watched you grow.

Please, be sensible, if not for yourself, but because of your generation whose future depends on the virtues you now uphold.

Remember, you are now accountable, for many sacrificed their time, lives, money and other resources just to see you glow.

Please, don’t disappoint the love that saved you.

For it is not in vain that His grace has found you.

Just let your eyes be single and you will definitely achieve your set goal.

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