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People Like Us

People like us aren’t afraid of who we are,
Though we are who we are, life has always left us with a scar,
We try to make our Mona Lisa smile, but we aren’t born with a sliver spoon,
They leave us like the morning mist, in the midst of darkness, with our love gone so soon.

People like us wish to be loved for who we are,
We haven’t won any heart even though we seem to be clever,
We know what it’s like to take a walk with a heavy heart,
How to paint emotions black, with faded words as a piece of art.

People like us are the light that shines on ignorance of itself,
The sad face that sadness knows, the shadow that shadows one’s self,
We know, see and hear but we decide to play possum
Though we are smart, we decide to play dumb, we look confused like an unsolved puzzle.

People like us easily fall in love and fall out of love,
We are the nightmare the night fears, the problem no man can solve,
People like us are rare, we rear rare traits! Keep hurting us and we will surely haunt you down….
People like us are loveless lovers, break our hearts and we will make your heart quake…..


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