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Mama Afrika

Mama Afrika,
I don see your suffer
Your cries—for inside derica
How de drop of sweats
Com form oceans of river
You be de real mama—
De real African mother

Your toil day and night
I no fit cover am
I no go tatafo lie
You don waka Afrika
Just mey me no suffer
—for inside dis life—
Wey wicked pipu no fit
dash pesin akara

Your cries na e make way
Your wahala day and night
Na e build de strong bridge
Wey hard like dat of stone

Mama Africk;
You be water
wey me no fit do without
Even after I don chop
Na your sweat I dey drink
I no go forget you;
I no go put you for gutter

De day wey you hawk
for all de village domot—I know am
Nights wey you no sleep
Just to pay my school fees
—I no forget am
I pray mey your suffer turn pay day

Mama, I no say u don sabi sufferness wella
Wait for de day wey you go forget am
Even de world go sabi say you don hama

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