Tongues fetch out languages
Beside springs, without gauge
Length is not involved to lobby for the range.
Wages to pay tongue wrench,
It’s perishing like a burnt tyre
Carbon dioxide entices the atmosphere,
Environment quacks in its heirs.
Heirs became a dry wood hewn,
Purposely for its mute.

What a decorum, without a room
On the tongue, it’s like an effort fought in emptiness
Stirring on the sea as filthiness.

Air in a cylinder,
Loneliness in a slim world
Fighting for freedom with words
The battle field is empty,
Language is chained and hewn
Loneliness loan blood as guilt.

Silent is rented as loneliness.
The order of socialization is captured
In loneliness, tongues read the riddle in boredom.
Freedom is frozen in boredom.
Walking on silent, rotating in a circle of loneliness,
Freedom is hidden,
Silence held it captive,
Brace pend it, loneliness is not welcome in the sky…

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