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In my arms, I cuddled her meekness
against the milky softness of my palm,
my gentility caressing her fragility,
until she gave in to sleep’s warm tempting embrace.
In a gaze I held her little frame as it rose and fell in steady calmness.
This feeble little child made my cold heart civil, it made me feel beautiful.
and to it I swore earth’s care and beauty.

Brazenly, her tone rises against mine,
but this thundercloud I’m not afraid of.
she grew but as was my once feeble, she wouldn’t hurt me.
And so, stepping in, I make to caress her hairline.
But, In a swift swoop,
I’m in between clenched jaws,
her canines mercilessly piercing my flesh,
brutally burying its fangs deeper as my blood broke out,
unable to withstand the pressure,
I start to feel my bones snap and break and crush,
My body going numb from pain.

Isn’t this the worst way to die?
Dying in a love’s fangs
I wish I am a diamond
Then I’ll be unbreakable
Save my cub!

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