Destitute Island

Let’s take a journey deep into the world
To an aesthetically ugly and entangled island
That brightly glows in its putrid state
Supposedly placid with strident sounds
Buried fragrance, you dare sit but in shit

At war are impoverished water men
Their deep wounds as food for water flies
Scarcely trained to handle scarce warfare weapons
Targets lost launching limited missiles
Like losers retire to continue morrow

At birth, progenies detest light: their conqueror
The less survivors are hunger stricken
Learn letters in tears under opaque conditions
Cut rope of income, ineffable deaths
Can this brutal battle be broken?

Indigents crave for mollification, dry island of shit
Want wealth set on their dining tables
With agility cook meals of impact for others
For in vain they exist without impacting
We have a note for our zone

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