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Demons! They are those thoughts inside your head
Telling you that you are a failure
Crying to you to end it now
Pushing you till you hit the wall
Reminding you that you are nothing

Demons! They sit silently in your head
Etching deeply in your heart
Your flaws and failures
Whispering silently to you alone
The mistakes you have made

Demons! They urge you on and on
Even when you snap out of your worries
They remind you that you ought to quit now
They make you realize the hard truth
Naked as it is, you can’t turn the other way

The demons are here again
Inside that girl who sites in a corner
Alone, while people surround her
Her heart shares a silent cry but none seems to hear
Because she is stuck in a hollow hole

The demons are here again
Inside that rich man driving a Porche car
The tears pouring down his eyes in torrents
Yet none sees the gash in his heart
A messiah to the world but a weakling in his battlefield home

The demons are here again
Inside that little girl on her way to school
Trudging with her mother, could she be any happier?
But her poor little heart cries out in her dark room
Soon her world would crumble because of her parents impending divorce

The demons are in that boy
A student from a prominent university
Intelligent, brilliant and everyone believes he’s doing well
Every night he can’t sleep as his thoughts run deep
He is frustrated and even his very own image is a façade

The demons are in that lady
Young, beautiful and enterprising
Hardly will anymore know that she’s birthed three
Yet her heart cries in agony of a suppressing burden
For alone she stands for her kids whose father has abandoned

Demons! They are always there in their heads
Urging them to release the beast within them
Each has only one thing in common
To let it go forever and be free; suicide!
Do I wonder why when even I am also thinking suicide?

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