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Burning Questions

Paying attention to the story of old, all we see are stories untold…

Yes, we saw the gallantry of the soldiers, how they marched with boldness to the war front…

They left all they had, all they occupied and everything they’d got.

At the sound of the gong, that was how they ran to the field taking nothing apart from weapons…

In fighting for us they lost their lives, saving us from shame they lost their names…

These were the warriors of old, who did all they could just to see us cruise…

Yes, they were not just warriors but leaders, who left their stomach at home and pleaded our cause; men whose words of sincerity and undenying integrity kept us on course.

However, looking at the happenings of the day we can’t stop asking, “Why has the story changed?

Well, in some cases, instead of soldiers what we have are some toddlers who bend their knees in fear, bury their heads in shame and shake as the ground quake..

What happened?

Yes, to those days when leaders will rise from the confines of their palaces, even when robed in their beautiful laces, will just look at the fantasies, acknowledge they are all fallacies and will boldly say, “If I perish I perish.”

What happened?

Again to those days when leaders ruled with their heads (sense) and weren’t controlled by their middle belt (stomach)

What a state!

So many questions seriously begging for answers…

But na who we go ask?

Why not share?

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