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Sex on Sunday

She handed me over to him. “This is my daughter. Whatever she wants, provide her with it,” she had told him. He only responded with a smirk. I know that smirk. It was a deadly one that spelt “sex.” I had seen it before.

I ran one of her businesses, and he was to guide me as he worked for the company I sold to.

This day, it rained as I got to the office. It was too early in the morning and my phone was soaked from the rain I entered just to get to business on time. I went to him to get a torch, as he usually came early to work. Earlier than I did.

I knocked his office door. It flew open the third time as I rushed in. It was still raining outside and cold. I was drenched.

He asked what I wanted and I explained my situation. He placed a lighter on my palm, but didn’t withdraw his hand. I looked up at his face, and it looked so dreamy.

He cupped my face in his manly palms as I stared like a child waiting to be given candy. He moved one hand down my gown and lifted it. I think I died, because I stopped breathing for a second.

He asked what I wanted, but I was too wanting to say a thing and ruin the moment I had in my head. My body screamed “pleasure” at that moment.

He trailed his fingers down my thigh as we still stood. They moved slowly and found solace between my thighs. I think they were refugees, because they dwelt and made a camp in my pant.

He slid my pant to one side as he gently stroked my member. This time, I parted the gate to allow a tranquil passage.

He whispered in my ear about taking me to cloud nine, but all I wanted was just to feel him inside of me. My breath was heavy like I had run distance.

I licked my lips in a slow manner, and my innocent action made him moan. He dipped his finger in me and that solved it. My mouth was wide open as I chanted some words that sounded like incantations.

All the while, I just held on to his shirt. I couldn’t risk a fall.

Dip after dip and I was all wet for him. I only saved some squeaks that escaped still. He smiled as he removed his fingers and licked.

In few seconds, I was turned to hold on to a table. My pant still shifted as he guided his D to my V and rammed the hell out of me. I spoke gibberish. I could have sworn to have learnt new languages at some point.

I closed my eyes to welcome the pain with pleasure, as we moved in sync and our bodies united. I stifled moans as his finger rubbed my clit and I confessed to be his whore.

We jammed, he dipped, I swore and bit my lips.

He started jerking and I knew I had to find my release. But, it was already close by. Ready to be called.

I stammered on a word and we both came. We laughed and rested on the table I held, and it came crashing down.

The thing sef don try. I wonder how many he had placed on it.

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