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Save a Tree

Do we have to die
before we see the lies?
Or wear a good tie
to know that a tree cries?

It started with one tree,
two trees, then three.
And the shrubs are down on their knees,
begging to be spared and set free.

And agricultural policies
stole the natural order:
deforestation, afforestation,
degeneration, regeneration,
exploitation, exploration,
all in a bid to advance further.

And our conscience
is a toy for science;
as we experiment with plants
using them like voiceless servants.

And trees are left with many defects
because of our unwholesome aspects.
Even with the rising greenhouse effect,
we still cut down trees without respect.

Please, let’s all agree
to save a tree.
These trees can see,
they will be glad to jump with glee.

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