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Reclaiming Our dignity

Many times we look around and can’t stop asking: “how come we lost our dignity?”

For in times past, this was a place very well known for its unwavering integrity.

Don’t raise your eyebrows in doubt, for this was a town renowned for its quest to always do the will of divinity.

Well, you can ask the leaders who ruled with every show of utmost sincerity.

But now, the story has changed, for we’ve destroyed the bond of unity.

No wonder, we comfortably neglected each other because we’ve shortened the rope of intimacy.

And as a result, our headlines are boldly written with news of several atrocities.

Also, by our quest to satisfy our selfish needs, we now celebrate attitudes of mediocrity.

But, seeing all of these and doing nothing will just be a show of rebranded stupidity.

Therefore, we must all join hands together to see the system being revived, for it is still our responsibility.

Do I hear you ask how?

By our actions we can stand in one accord as we preserve our glorious posterity.

With love in our hearts we can stop the hate speech and even ensure each others’ security.

Surely, by our attitudes in this time we can still uphold moral decency.

If you agree, then don’t just sit down and do nothing, dare to make godly impacts for it is your duty.

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