Ola is Feeling Among

Ola is Feeling Among

This tragedy started when Ola set his foot in Uni
Ola entered Uni, he was excited! He had a new roomie
A rookie he was! A new bee in a God damned city
Ola was a chorister, a quiet Fela! a zombie who was witty
In his Hercules lay an Achilles, his Jimmy rose whenever he saw this Jummy
All was well! Till he ate the forbidden fruit, this Eve rejected him one evening
He wanted to feel among to get along,
he changed for Jummy

Ola thought vanity is sweet, until he had a taste
Ola fell among, till his things in Uni fell apart, he was no longer at ease
He joined the Marlian army, Ola become a Marlian; weed gave him inner peace
Ola had a photographic memory but he never developed it
The hope of his parents famished, their toils didn’t deem fit
On his buoy floated a yahoo mail, all he wanted was a Mercedes Benz
He drove his car into a tree and found out, how the Mercedes bends

Ola betrayed his inner self, he tasted vanity and had nothing to show after varsity
He paddled his far row, but the rod of Moses refused to part his sea
Ola counted his chickens before they were hatched, the outcome he didn’t foresee
He worked his life. a walk beyond all walks of life

A fly will never get into a closed mouth, a closed mouth catches no flies
The problem is his and his only, no one is around to share his burden
He wasted a life worth living and is living the life he brought on board

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