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Lust Blinded Her

She sat still, broken on all sides
No soothing part of life to face
She had soiled her dress on the lustful altar
Had dangerously treaded the path of love
Done and deceptively used
She called it quits at his place
Numerous faults she counted against him
Moving forward would be hell for her
No more could she please at the risk of her life
She was done making choices that fired back at her

Came full; left empty, seemed to care less
But she was torn within; the brave one she seemed
“I still love you,” he called at her
“Lust you mean?”
“I can’t dare being duped by fake you,”
Were her last words, she found her way
Miserable at heart, thought of what to do
Then it came, she ought not have ventured in it
Should have waited on the love in lovers
Helplessly hoped for a saved soul
Did find one and never turned back.

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