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Dreaming Tomorrow

Sitting in the moonlight—stargazing,
fingers locked, hearts intertwined.
Peace is sitting in my heart,
’cause my space is filled with his—
like I am reborn—I’m anew.
We’re talking nonstop; my laughter’s roaring.
In split seconds, he’s whispering sweet nothings into my ears.
I don’t know what, I’m not sure why,
but where I am isn’t a world as yours.
I’m in a world of mine.
Another, where all there is,
Is tickles and giggles;
and a lot of touch
and very tingling sensations.
I’m traveling in this space of mine
with my wings spread wide.
This beauty beckons me,
embracingly, has me in.
Like densely charged electrons,
He’s forced my clouds open and yeah,
I’m flooding this terrain.
Time has us responding in a resounding thunderclap,
our tactile senses breaking every human fragility there is.
This world knows my name—
this world chose me. Yeah, I’m glad it did.
And in it, we’re dreaming tomorrow.

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