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Trust Him

Many times we are quick to ask: why not me? why this? why now? and even why me?

But before we fall prey to the temptation of asking several ungodly questions, let’s just try and understand where we are coming from.

… and that was how the Israelites began the journey with their hearts constantly singing melody, leaving the place of suffering. Of course, these people had enough reason to be happy. They danced, they praised and the God that made the way they never failed to hail.

Before their very eyes, boooom, the sea gave way, even the hardened Egyptians, the waters took away.

When they complained of being hungry, the manna they enjoyed, yet without paying any money.

But, how they later forgot all these, we just can’t explain. This excitement and constant show of gladness, the garment of heaviness later replaced.

Why the shock? They had everything, yet saw nothing.

And by their frequent worries, they made mockery of the promised honey.

How come they only saw the barrenness of the wilderness, but failed to see the rock and its fruitfulness. Even in the midst of the challenges, God was there changing the story, still, like running waters they kept complaining.

Even when God gave them His offering, they responded with the show of worry. As they constantly asked, “Have You brought us here to die?” it became clear that the fear was hinged on life.

Exactly, even today that is the story. We all struggle to avoid shame just to enjoy the glory. We constantly fix our eyes on the present but fail to acknowledge the wonders of the past and the potency of His promise. Even before the beginning, God knew all these.

No wonder, from His very nature, He gave us His own offering. Yes, He gave us His love unconditionally, but the question now is: “Why are we still resisting Him?

Inspite of all our wrong doings and incessant quest for life, He’s still saying, “Look unto me and live, for in me You will survive.”

We chase security, wealth, fame, influence, of course you can just name it. But even our ancestors can’t deny He has more than these. When will we stop looking at the challenges and start focusing on His promise?

All He’s asking for is your trust, I mean your love for Him. Stop those worries and have faith in Him. For though we can see the mountain but faith can move mountains.

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