Thrusting// Trusting Pen

Thrusting//Trusting Pen

I want to write
But I don’t know the words
I can’t remember
The verbs, and nouns
The correct articulation

Stuck, are myriads
I want to pen down
Words that won’t let me sleep
Lines that haunt me
Rhymes that hit right
Stanzas that look tight

But I’m being choked
By my very vice
Like a bitter pill
I can’t swallow
Nor do I dare vomit
Not because I’m a coward

I want to write
And I want to do it right
My verbs shouldn’t feel forced
Nor should they come off
As overboard
Same for my adjectives

I want a thrusting pen
With sharp strokes
And gentle flicks
Writhing and writing
cumming productive ink
Actions that makes my eyes roll to the back of my head in disbelieving pleasure…

A pen I can control
With my ever flowing juices
Of intellect and lust
A pen that writes
And does it right
A thrusting pen
I can always trust…

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