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The Magic of Love

The sun was at its full peak
When I stepped out towards the city park
Hungry for some peace of mind
I knew once there that it was a horrible mistake

He came to my table as I ordered strangely
Took a seat without being asked to
Funny enough, I was surly too
As I expected no gain from a stranger

But instead of hate, he bestowed me tenderness
He embraced me with an unfamiliar gentleness
Mesmerizing my consciousness into a magical fantasy
Making me dream of the world of ‘fairlytasy’

His voice came down to my ears in whispers
With sweet words that sent my soul yearning and weeping
It came with a surging force eclipsing my subconscious
Wrapping me in a magical world which promises happiness

The depth of the heat devoured my soul
Like a man lost on a journey in the sun
Deprived of friends and companionship
I clung to his touch and slaved to his worship

Never before have I felt something so true and wonderful
Neither dream of the mystical, impeccable fulfillment it wields
Now with my life much behemoth than nothing I ever felt before
I wouldn’t dream of embracing this love that found me without beguile

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