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Self Portrait of God as a Poem

It’s afternoon here
Hot / Hot like Hell fire
A boy sits inside his car punching his phone__
Behind him a preacher in suit approaches __ with a bell in hand /
He says: repent for the kingdom of God is at hand /
He says repent: for there is no repentance in the grave//
Somewhere in Ekpoma, // a boy wears his own grief
In order to survive: he has to hawk sachet water under scorching sun
Just across the road, is a boy lying with his hands open as if to say a prayer
& Beside him is a girl lying on the floor as if to say: Father give us our daily bread.
She has learned to carry her own water like the way Jesus carried his cross.
I do not know how to love,
& I do not know how God /planted the //
garden of Eden between a woman’s legs
The preacher said God is love & love is God / for anyone who does not love // is not of God
Forgive me for I do not know how to say the word love__
Before grand mother died she said these words :
Love is Sacrifice // love is Pain
Love is Life // love is Death
Love is the way my father cuddles my mother to sleep at night//
like the way a boy cuddles his girlfriend
Love is God painted as a portrait in this poem.

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