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Real Life

No doubt, we all want the fame, the gain, the praise but we’re reluctant to put our hands to work, shy away from the pain and yet quick to apportion blames.

What exactly is your perception of life?

Real life is more than just breathing in oxygen. It’s an opportunity to breathe in ideas, compare ideologies, weigh philosophies, but yet birth forth innovations that will set the pace for long term liberation.

Yes, I’m talking about life as a person and not just as a concept.

In a world like this where the hearts of many are darkened, streets painted with the blood of many, and evil highly celebrated, when good is kept behind the door for none to see, Life (as a person) is patiently crying out for expression but it’s a pity; “Mr. Self” is still on the stage of manifestation.

Are you still asking how?

Hmm, when we refused to lend a helping hand to that fellow simply because he’s not from our clan, that’s Self; when we ignored the tears of those that came to us for comfort, that is Self.

I’m sure we know whenever we give several excuses which are not even in the equation each time we are asked to perform a task, that it is a good description of Self.

Even in our diaries some of us still have the record of those we cheated just to gain unnecessary applause and attention. Yes, that’s Self.

The list continues but…

See, in a world like this where darkness parades itself in form of light, displaying foolishness all in the name of computerised age, showcasing stupidity with “fashion” as its tag, rebranding madness and calling it swag, we have to stop saying we have dominion when we still bow to the call of oppression.

(who does that?)

Yes, we really need to stop parading on the horses of princes when we’ve not learnt humility, stop showcasing the regalia of beauty when our hearts are polluted with jargons.

We really claim freedom but not when our hands are tied with the chains of slavery. For true freedom, starts from the mind, true beauty radiates from the heart, true greatness starts from within and real life begins at death, so let’s die daily to Self as we live indeed as Walking Dead.

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