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I’m Fine

I’m fine, I replied
Even though it’s a lie.
I hid my pain under the broken smile.
I had to lie because I have a son who, upon me he relies.

It isn’t easy to care for others more than your self.
My smile might hide so much pains and tears.
But they reflect one thing which is my strength.

I hate feeling like this,
But I’ve become used to it.
To smile and move on with my day,
Make other smile,
And pretend everything is at bay.

The fact that I write this doesn’t mean I’m fine
I just know how to hide my stress behind the lines.

I believe one day all will be fine.
That day, He’ll heal my mind and mend my heart
He’ll conquer my fears and clean my tears.

One day, I’ll be fine
But for now, I’ll continue to try my best again and again.

Dedicated to Sister Tiwalope (Tyrone mum).

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