Educate Me

Mom, where do babies come from?
How did you and Dad make me and your son?
What does contraception mean?
I mean, what does it mean to have wet dreams?

Hush babygirl! From where has thou heard this evil?
Nay! This aint thou, the tongue that speaketh is of the Devil,
You’ve been keeping wrong companies, right?
You’re way too young to be shed this kind of light.

But Mom, I’m beginning to like boys,
Strange it is, for anytime I see one, I grow goosebumps like boils,
I can’t explain, so Mom can you explain?
I mean, when will I start seeing my menses?
as in, what is menstrual pain?

My God! Why allow Satan takeover my little girl?
Who is the Devil behind this Hell?
Mom, tell me, what is erection?
Is orgasm an organism or is it just an infection?
Is it true that not having sex could make one dysfunctional?
In fact, what is sex? Mom, I need an explanation.

Hide and kiss, my peers performs this playlet in the toilet,
I still don’t understand this open secret in closet.

Mom, what’s… Quiet, enough of these senseless nonsense,
You wallow in a pool of peer Influence,
Instead of focusing on your ABC,
You’re busy focusing on this idiocy.

Cross out the killer calamity,
Your studies should be the Dean of your thinking faculty,
Your books should be your mental alignment,
Now go into the study room and do your assignment…

Dear Parents, once you notice your children are getting exposed to sexual exposures, give them parental guidance on sex education, don’t be baffled or worried, never shun them, pretend or shy away from the truth, don’t wait until they hit puberty, it might be too late and they might be wrongly oriented.

The earlier the better.

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