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I saw them on bended kneels; Crescent kids
In salutation of great Afrique
The proud ma of three scores less four melanin races
Like their lives leaned like ladder on it
One would think they knew not anything
Faith made them believe in a good fate for Afrique
Came heavy rains of tears as I walked past
If kids could be compassionate to a fallen hero
How much more oldies and youths; real casts?
The caused pains kill the willingness

Has she every right to glow; nay
The source of her resources has been neglected
I wonder how we live with so much peace at heart
Like we are strong to fight back if he strikes
Blessed Afrique has birthed incorrigible infants
Who manage things childishly, giving a cursed feeling
We need to grow and do the needful
Embrace all associates of peace, culture and great beliefs
Let’s crown as king the source of all
And make Ma Afrique proud of her wits.

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