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Proposal of Love

It’s not our fault, it’s not our making at all. For there’s always a vacuum in our hearts, yearning to be filled. Yes, that’s responsible for our ceaseless quest for love and the insatiable desire to be cared for.

We buy things and do things just so we can belong, still our weaknesses and flaws they will not ignore.

Well, “give and take” seems to be the norms but as humans we always want to strike the chord. Of course, doing this leaves the parties with hurts. No wonder, hearts are pierced with the arrows of lusts, hatred and distrust. But thank God for love.

Who in His Graciousness, sees beyond our flaws and even in His awesomeness offers us His trust. He knows the scars and wounds in our hearts hurts, but He’s still saying take this love that I give for it is the cure.

I see the tears, but look unto me, for I still care. I feel your pain, but I have taken the blame, so take, for yours is the gain.

Oh, you think the challenge is much but He’s saying, see my Grace is more. Or maybe you have been thinking that the place is rough for you, but listen for He’s saying He’s been there waiting for you.

You think He’s far away, but listen for He’s come to stay. Just maybe you’re still saying I have gone too far in this for with the devil you’ve dined, but He’s saying come let us reason together, come back to me for I still have wine.

Stop those mere tears of regrets, just stand your ground and repent, for He wants you to return and embrace your first love. Here He is with His hands stretched out with this proposal of love.

Will you accept or ignore? See, the choice is yours.

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