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My Jewel

When I’m asked the perfect human that’s crossed my path
I say it’s you—the gem that can’t be traded
You’ve been my precious angel in tense hells
I’ve crossed broken bridges that should bruise me
You never stop cuddling me as a babe that I am

In perils and penniless states, your shoulder has been soft
At times, I seem to care less about the lady I’ve grown to be
You shed the bright light of reality to my tiny eyes
Deep darkness surround me as a troop ready for battle
You lead me on with your weapons of love

The beautiful Skylark that sings me stillness in distress
The mother that’s taken me as one from her bosom
Pampers me with the pure milk of bliss
Age is not a boundary to play with her princess
None hurts me when she’s there to get my back

Sometimes, I cross deadly bridges you warn against
Break banned boundaries that sentence to death
Only do I come to realize I hurt myself by straying
I promise to keep being the babe a mother wants
Because I choose not to lose you, my Jewel.

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  1. Comment: I love your poems,I love the way you fuse those words which aren’t just ordinary,they add beauty to the piece. Wish to be like you. More strength to your elbow girl.

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