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Bed of Roses

“Life is not a bed of roses,” that’s what many say. Well, looking at the daily bustles, hustles and struggles we are tempted to agree with them. But paying attention to the lives of the men of old, we constantly ask how come they made their gain.

Despite the pain and the burden of what to do exactly just to achieve their aims. They walked gallantly as they stepped on the challenges that life present. Even with awesome smiles they kept hatred, jealousy and envy out of the gate.

They weren’t full of themselves but very rich in contentment. They relied not on their strength, yet with love they held together many hands. Some weren’t educated thus, couldn’t speak clearly with words, yet they said a lot with their actions springing forth from their hearts. They weren’t interested in making the headline but the message made the front line.

We can just go on and on. But what exactly have we learnt? We forget about the message and focus more on the carriage. We despised God’s consent yet run after men’s assent.

We pursue fame while dishonouring His name. We make mistakes yet never learn. Hmmm, how long shall we continue on the path of a child, still desiring milk when we are supposed to be cracking bones?.

Tell me, how will life be a bed of Rose? When the hardness of man’s heart has succeeded in making simple things complex? If we really want to see change, then we must forsake those short routes we take and diligently seek the ancient pathway.

Remember: Jesus is the Way.

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