A Lone Heart

I see the world alone.
The world I see,
Is ending in one word,
Where ward of words are prisoned.

I said I’m alone.
That I’m a sole lone soul,
Walking on asphalt roads
Where houses are as-fat as mansions
Where man-shuns man to be a man.

I’m alone to see across the sea,
Where man kidnapping man is at ease.
Instead for man to be kid-napking
His wet kid.

Wary days, where man is
Suspiciously prudent.
He’s wary and worried
Of the the trick-ery Dane-gers
Of his kin.

The only one thing
Man has been wanting.
Is to find solace in his society.
Even if the social-tree
Still has bad fruits as it fall.

But with one pure he(art),
We can paint the earth
With colour-full of deeds and,
Not colour-fool deads.

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