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Why The Rush?

From the stories of our heroes past, we can say there’s a lot to weigh.

What do I mean?

Just trying to imagine them as they watch the happenings of the day, I could almost hear them say, “This is not the nation we founded nor the people we raised.” Yes, I could almost see them nodding their heads in disagreement as they demonstrate their long time disappointment.

The story continues, but see, we are tired of hearing super stories that bring us pain but rejoice when we hear those that show us the way.

Just when I tried to figure out how we got ourselves trapped in this mess, then the saying came, “Just like a dog returns to its vomit, so has the people returned to their old ways.”

How? you may want to ask.

But looking at the ancient pathways and comparing them with the short routes we take, it seems clear we have neglected the way, despised the name, pursue fame while achieving our selfish aims.

Exactly, in our quest to enjoy life, we destroy lives, trying to enjoy fun we lose it all, while craving for attention we are tempted with seductions.

What exactly are we doing? What lessons have we learnt from the lives of these heroes past??

We are quick to mention those that seem to be wealthy even without a degree, we make role models the youths of today who never work but want to eat, but we often fail to learn from the real heroes.

What about Elijah who was a man of passion like us? This man prayed and the earth felt the shake.

What about Moses, who shew forth the power of his God even when he had nothing apart from the so-called rod?

What about Daniel, who was a youth like us? Ah, this man refused the enticing wine, but later on with the king he dined.

Why the rush?
Why the haste?
In fact, what’s your aim?


If only we can just pause and listen.
Yes, to that voice that silently knocks.

I know, even in chaos, confusion and silence God still speaks.

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