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We Are All Responsible

From the words of our fathers, “this was a land flowing with milk and honey,” a place where people were rightly placed, thrones beautifully set with their owners gorgeously dressed.

We nodded our heads with our hearts ravaged with burning questions as they continue.

The system was anchored on love they said, peace was the norm they affirmed, justice its core and integrity its bedrock we confirmed.

But weighing all of these on the scale of balance, we still wondered if any of such ever existed before.

Trying to bombard the quietness of our mind, disturb the racking process of our brains and overturn the rationality of our conscience, we try to wonder where did things get wrong?

Booooom! Like an infant crying for attention, in our hearts thoughts translated to questions.

Is it the system that failed, or the people just went their ways? Perhaps, maybe what we have at the helms of affairs are sycophants parading themselves as pioneers.

As good as these, the answer seems to be far off.

Still in the state of restlessness trying to figure out one or two, suddenly, like the flash of a great light in the tunnel, it became clear that no one is to be held responsible, for we are all to blame.

Exactly, the question of how became a butterfly that roamed about searching for good answers to rest its head.

Attempts were made to interpret the handwriting on the wall.

But, here comes Wisdom saying if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?

It all started when we left the place of fellowship and pursued ownership, it continued up to the point when we abandoned communism and cleaved unto individualism, we traded our freedom only to embrace the beautiful chains of boredom.

Are you still asking how?

We polluted our minds with greed, stained our hearts with sins, now our eyes are filled with tears just… because… we clouded our consciences with filthy consent, sold out our integrity because of nonentities and soiled our hands with evil.

As if that wasn’t enough, by our attitude, we made the love sour and hatred soon became ours.

Little wonder, the violence, hate speeches, deceits, armed robbery, kidnapping, malpractices, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, favouritism and the likes are comfortably ruling amongst us as if they’d bought us with a price.

Ah, in the beginning it was not so…

Reminding us of the ugly past seems to add injury to the afflicted souls, but the truth be told we are all responsible.

For this land is for all of us and ironically for none of us…

So great was the conquest for this land that the ground retained the blood of many that fought for it, therefore take heed what and how you build.

Yes, there’s still hope, but if all things fall apart, I wonder if the centre will still hold.

Countless times we’ve heard the words: ‘we shall rise again’, and if we must not pass this to the next generation then we have to decide when we want to rise.

Again, it begins with you and will not end with me.

Lives are precious, so value friendship.

Words are powerful so be careful.

You can’t do it all alone, seek help.

You can’t consume everything, so share.

Good name is better than riches, be sincere.

Excuses are not always the answer, build trust.

Above all love one another…

For we are all responsible.

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