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Say No To Child Marriage

Mother please!
I howled, please!
I would be a better child
Plead with father for me!
I want to go to school

I don’t want to get married now.
Chief is older than Father!
Please mother,
I pleaded at her feet day and night, the helplessness I see in her eyes only prompted me to plead more.
Too scared to face Father.

Chief’s pudgy cheeks are quivering in annoyance at the delay, Father has threatened heaven and hell, mother is in tears, but I am not budging from my room.

Chief sent for his bodyguards
The door was broken
And I was dragged by my hair
Howling and screaming hysterically
To my new home

That night, headaches and swollen eyes.
Chief came into the room I was locked in
Looking for blood
Smelling of lust
His eyes, that of a rabid hound
looking to claim a prize
Sweaty and beyond self control.

I lost my virginity at 11
With each thrust
Something broke inside me
More as I heard the giggles of the other elder wives, just outside the door.

My little tummy grew
Mother says I’m pregnant
I promised to give my child the best even if it’s the last thing I do.
The nurse says my body is not developed enough to carry a baby, funny since my body is developed enough to have uncountable horrible sexual experiences with a husband!

At seven months
The contractions came
Nothing else is as painful
With each twist, knots,
I feel my resolve getting stronger to be the best mother

The child came
Blue and incredibly small
Covered in “slime”
I looked at her
she’s not looking at me
Her eyes are closed in death
She didn’t take a single breath
She took the last of me
Something final broke again

And I knew it
It’s the beginning of the end
As the midwives cleaned up
Anxious to get me out
To avoid bad luck.

Father couldn’t care less
Chief is undisturbed
Mother says I’ll be fine
But then I know
That’s a cheap lie
As I trudged to my fate
Sore, broken unimaginably
And resigned.

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