Keeping Some For Big Boss

Keeping Some For Big Boss

The front door creaked open and Sarah walked into a candle light décor. Right from the door way, red scented candle was everywhere, lit and bearing the atmosphere of romance. Rose petals littered the floor, creating a pathway. The candles were lit on opposite sides like soldiers waiting for the royalty parade; Sarah the royalty. The light was turned off; only the candlelight was the only source of light to the darkened interior of the condo.

Sarah, perplexed by the whole atmosphere moved carefully through the art work. “Hello?” she called out with uncertainty. She looked towards the kitchen which was situated opposite the front door. The center bulb over the dining table lit the only object on the table, illustrating a fair maiden dancing over the spotlight. A bouquet of roses stood, freshly picked and trimmed.

“Hello?” Sarah called louder. She moved over the extravagance of royalty bearing and walked to the kitchen. It was just a little past 9pm, nobody should be back by now. Sarah picked up the bouquet, smelt the fragrance. She was a sucker for roses and red. The postcard glimmered under the bulb glow and the elegant writing drew her attention.

Sarah looked to the candlelight and roses decoration leading to the master’s bedroom, then to the rose in her hand and postcard. “Oh. I see,” she whispered and giggled. The postcard read: ‘Your King awaits his Queen and mistress.’ It was written with grace and elegance of a Noble English lord. Each stroke and curve was well written.

“Boss is up to no good again,” she hurried back to the starting point of her parade; she had to look the part after all. She removed her black winter coat in a coquettish way; Sarah prided herself on grace. Her slender figure was something to drool over, her olive skin spotless. Slim legs and narrow waist toned from constant physical exercise. Her flowing black locks were tied in a bun, long lashes and impeccable brows curved at the tip. Her nose was upturned yet straight; lips round, her red lipstick made it look bloody. Sarah was a nymph and she knew it and did well to flaunt it with her sense of fashion taste.

She strutted towards the master bedroom clothed in red, a backless gown just above her knee fitted perfectly for her body. Her red heels made clicking noises as she moved to the bedroom. She swung it up and made a seductive pose at the door, looking into the bedroom; she was stunned at what she saw.


A man sat on the bed, relaxed and perfectly at ease. A wine glass in his hand which he took sips of red wine from. He had a lazy smirk over his face. His eyes were dark and wistful, his nose unnervingly straight. He was of a swimmer build; lean and toned and his skin tanned from been under the sun.

He wore a bathrobe with nothing underneath, his legs stretched out; smooth skin yet hard tendons. His black hair was ruffled giving him the bedroom look.

Paul was a very sexy male and highly desirable. The female population were like hungry wolves to this fresh meat, but yet he desired just one she-wolf, Sarah. He wanted her like no other, her voice, her scent, the way her rich locks fell over her shoulder was enough to render tantalizing and juicy fresh meat Paul Kurt speechless. He wasn’t lacking in women, but one was enough to satisfy his every manly curiosity.

Now he waits for his Queen and does so patiently. He heard the front door open and door, the sounds of footsteps and timid voice. “She must be surprised by my presence,” he thought and his dark orbs twinkled.
Paul had taken special care to make everything romantic. He knew what she loved and desired; her special fetish for roleplaying and hardcore romance. “She must have seen the roses and post card,” he whispered.

The plan for tonight had been crafted perfectly. Paul could not wait to sink his teeth into her skin and suck on them. He shifted to ease his position a little and allowed his crotch poke out “She would be stunned.”

“Action,” he said as the knob of the door twisted and in walked his nymph, looking ravishing in her fitted gown, her red heels to match. Sarah was a seductress—no, a goddess. Her beauty was undefined and worth Robert Frost writing a poem about in reverence of her glow.

“Welcome home,my Queen,” Paul said, drawing the ‘queen’ between his lips; it made Sarah shudder. Her reaction made his crotch poke his head harder to have a glimpse of his succubus.

“Pa… Paul, what are you doing here?” Sarah stammered while fixing her gown which had risen up to her thigh under her sexy pose. What was he doing here? she thought to herself. Last time they spoke he was over in Minnesota for a business trip.

“I decided to visit my Queen,” Paul said, although irked she didn’t give his desired reaction. Why? Was she not happy to see him?

“But you said you would be arriving next week…” she said avoiding eye contact with any part of him. Oh. He was a masterpiece “…due to change in plans.” She was ticked at him earlier for canceling their weekend trips to Las Vegas.

Paul stood and walked to her. He released the band holding her bun and her hair fell over her shoulder; taking a lock he took a sniff. Her scent assaulted his nostrils and his body heated up, his lion throbbed.

Sarah gasped. She had felt his manhood against her thigh, poking her. “I took an early vacation,” she heard him say. Her thoughts were focused on what he did to the bedroom. A wine tray by the bed and rose petals on the bed and scented candles placed round the bed, forming a circle. The bathroom had similar outlook from her peripheral view; the bathtub filled with water and roses, she smelt lavender and peach.

“So I wanted to spend it with you, my love.” Paul moved the hair cascading around her shoulder and kissed Sarah’s neck. She shuddered from the action and goosebumps rose on her skin.

Sarah felt her body heat up and her heart race faster. She felt wetness between her thighs that wasn’t there before. Her palms got sweaty, her cloths felt stuffy she couldn’t wait to pull it off. The room’s temperature was hot due to the candle and his nearness. She had just come from the chilly winter atmosphere outside, her body, formerly cold now flared in heat.

“How about I take a shower?” Sarah said. She marched to the toilet and slammed the door, rested her back against the door, she took deep breaths.

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