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Today, 29th Of May, 2019

Today, 29th of May, 2019
Today, I met an art therapist.
She gave me mandalas stress relief drawing
And 120×4 gel pen, unique with different colours
The pen’s colour is from part 1-4
Different colours of 380 pens
My eyes were searching for you
From South to North
And vice versa
My eyes searched for you from West to East
And vice versa
Alas! I found you in part 3 colour
The drawing is already full of me and you.
But I still chose you
The mandalas is full of black and white background
But I still chose you
You are the black
I’m the white
Black is for the pain you caused me
In the white, I released all my pain
I painted the white background black
You are now like a small dot in my white space
Black is for the past
Black is for the pain
Black is for the joy you made me lack
Black is for the way you made me crack
Black is for you

White is for the healing I’m going through
White is for those who made me true
White is for the friends who helped me through
White is for the sisters who gave me help
White is for them cause I can’t love them less

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