Seductive Revenge

Seductive Revenge

She smiled at him and walked towards where he sat with his friends. Her armless top barely covered her chest, and the mini sized skirt she wore gave a clear view of the smoothness of her thighs. Her Greek nose was rightly fixed on her oval face, with her oily lips parted wide enough to show her shiny teeth. As she walked closer and closer to them, the music played continuously—to the satisfaction of the nightclubbers. Her hooded eyes focused on his as she approached; she watched as he licked his lips. She went straight to him and sat on his lap—his friends were wowed by her action.

“My place, or yours?” she asked.

“Yours,” he replied.

They both exited the club, holding each other’s hands tightly. She directed and he drove downtown, playing loud the romantic song “Fall in Love” by Sharon J. The rain began falling heavily, obstructing his view, and causing them to park by the roadside. He stared at her eyes deeply, smiling, grinning, enjoying the sight of her undefined beauty. He had seen a number of pretty looking ladies, girls, married women, but never had he seen such beauty and passion in a woman before. Sneakishly, he placed his hands on her smooth thighs. She patted his hands with her soft hands and smirked.

He picked his phone to answer a call, paused for a while and hissed to the person on the other side of the call.

“I told you I’m out of town, on a very important business trip. What! I don’t care. Please stop calling me over and over again you’re distracting my work,” he said, and angrily ended the conversation—clearly it was his wife.

“Who was that?” she asked.

“Nobody jarre, just another good-for-nothing individual trying to disrupt our peace. You know how people behave this days, they just can’t bear to see their fellow human being happy and living a respectable life. Now that I’m with the most beautiful woman in the world, they are trying to attack me through the phone.” He started the engine as the rain subsided. “So should I go left or right?” he asked.

“You will never forget this night,” she said.

“Really?” he asked giggling.

“Yes. I will make sure of it,” she replied.

They arrived her beautiful middle class apartment at exactly twelve midnight. Normally, he would take any lady from the club to his hotel room at ‘The Steven’s’. But he loved trying out new things in life, especially when it comes to his sexuality. She locked the door as they entered the air-conditioned bedroom, glued to each other. She was amazed by how he desperately undressed right in front of her. He collapsed to the floor trying to pull out one pair of his tight jeans that couldn’t easily go out past his ankle.

“Easy!” she exclaimed.

“I just can’t wait any longer,” he replied, with a grin on his bearded face.

He jumped excitedly on the bed in his underwear. She laughed at how more desperate he had became, and walked towards her wardrobe. He couldn’t stop staring at her back as she walked seductively, turning to face him with every step she took. She brought out her white towel and headed to the bathroom door.

“Let me take a shower first, Mr. Man.”

“Dave, the name is Dave” he said.

He was all tensed up wondering why she was taking too long to come back to him and his urges were getting stronger with every passing second. Ten minutes later, she came out with the towel wrapped around her body, with her long black hair flowing against her back. The scent of her pleasant deodorant filled the room’s atmosphere, with a little bit of smoke evaporating from her hair as she tied them together—evidence of the hot water she bathed with.

“Finally!” he exclaimed, smiling.

She brought out four belts from the mini drawer by the side of the bed. She winked at him and it sent shivers down his entire body. He smiled and watched as she teasingly walked around the bed, using the belts to tie his hands and legs on the edges of the bed. That pleased him.

“You will kill me oo!” he exclaimed.

She smiled. “Yes I will baby.”

She climbed the bed to meet him, hopped on his body and lay on him, placing her head close to his neck.

“Close your eyes,” she ordered.

He unthoughtfully obeyed her command, desperate for her body. She gently gave kissed his forehead, neck and cheeks.

“Yes! That’s damn good,” he said.

In the midst of the moment, she pulled out a kitchen knife from her towel.

“Nneka, remember her?” she asked, and repeatedly stabbed him on the chest. “This is for defiling my sister. you monster!

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