Red Roses On Petals

How impossible of nature

Yet dramatic for its natural

For a slave is meant to be
Always under a king that is said to be
For the bees makes honey
Yet it’s the bear that loves it more

There is always a labourer
Slaving under the scorching sun
For an employer to make a day
Savoring comfortably in his home de’ comfort

A student is meant to learn
To become a leader someday
Under the guidance of a tutor
Without the parent being left out

There is always a prey
Always on the run for its existence
Weather on the land the ocean or the forest
It waits in fear to be devoured by the predator

For a country to be organized
There must always be a leader
The world of the rich and the poor
That’s the simplest law of government

A plant cannot survive
In the mist of nasty weeds
And some plants cannot grow
If not on top of other surviving plants

Not marble, nor the gilded movements
Of prince or gods shall outlive this powerful rhyme

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