Not The Usual

They think I’m crazy
some call me lazy
because my thoughts seem hazy
when I said ‘life is mazy’.

Is life a maze?
what a question that got your gaze.
You don’t have to guess,
else your answer might be a mess.

Abruptly I wake from my siesta,
to join a hell of an idea fiesta.
All I could think of was disaster,
no matter the endeavor I foster.

I saw so many souls
stuck in a boring routine.
They said ‘we must reach our goals,
but these goals are saline.

At first the theory was sweet
but in reality it is salty.
And even our bold feet,
now seem to be dusty and faulty.

Yes, we blame it on nature
and the clueless souls around us.
But we relied on the future
and extinguished every remaining part of us.

We called it ‘hard work’,
always on the move like a flying stork.
But some do nothing and eat pork,
and are still the real lords.

These may seem atypical,
making hard work look comical.
But life isn’t just physical,
it is a specimen for uncertain practicals.

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