Let’s Go

Let’s go home to grandma
Reactivate her wrinkled forehead
Tell her it’s me Taata

Home was sweet in the hut
Sun neither cold nor hot
And the thatchy pathway to the river
Of edges and marshes
Trampled upon

On the left side of the red wall
Grandma’s hut
Hung my catapult
For hunting of birds and squirrels

Let’s sing the song
That collects children and souls
The song of Africa
The song of half and full moon

We come out to enjoy the moon
Together, not because we see it not
From our different houses
But because love is unity
And unity is strength

The grin plastered on our faces
Half laughters and shouts of joy
Marked Africa

Sweet flamboyance of livelihood
Strong bones and skills
Long life of humans and animals
Loss of cause of wars

Life was good until now
Should we blame the whites?
Or what they brought with them?

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